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Sunday Riley Modern Lip Color: Out With the Old, In With the Light

I am the world’s biggest lip gloss addict. I’m known to carry at least seven lip glosses on me at all times. Girlfriends actually travel without them when they know they’re going to see me because I will have every shade under the sun in my make up bag. Lately, though, I’m having a moment with lipstick. But it’s not the thick pasty lipstick of old. Modern lip color in bullet form is more like a lipstick and-gloss hybrid, providing durable color and a touch of shine.

Sunday Riley‘s new creation is the best of the new lipstick bunch. With a slick that lasts for hours, her 17 shades range from the lush Rebel Rose to sweet Sugar Blossom to hot Game Changer…A game-changer, indeed. Jump to the next page for lipstick tips!
At Barneys New York for $32.

Some Tips for Lips:

Blot it with a tissue

Apply a layer of lipstick and then simply blot it with a tissue paper. Then apply another layer of lipstick just like putting on two coats of paint.

This is a very easy and simple remedy to make your lipstick last long. Try it out; double application along with tissue gives a much better look. The first layer of lipstick helps to seal the color right into the lips and the second layer makes your lipstick look bright and fresh. The result is amazing, your lipstick will definitely last longer.

Exfoliate your lips

Preparing your lips before lipstick application is a must. Lips which are smooth will definitely hold lipstick for long. Apply lip balm and leave it on for 5 minutes so that it sinks in completely. Then simply buff your lips with a soft toothbrush in a circular motion to get rid of chapped skin from the lips. In the end wear your lipstick as usual, I can assure you it will last long.

Sugary Tip

After applying the lipstick, put a bit of sugar all over your lips,leave it for 30 to 40 seconds and then just lick the sugar off. Sugar application on the lipstick coat really stops your lipstick from chaffing off. Start practicing the sugar tip from now on to retain your lipstick for a longer time.

Liquid Foundation

You can make your lipstick last longer simply by applying liquid foundation on the lips before applying lipstick. Foundation helps to lock in the color to your lips and lipstick sticks to the lips and lasts longer.


Simply dab some powder on your lips, it helps to induce dryness to your lips which results in balancing the lipstick oil and therefore prevents the lipstick from smudging. Powder helps a great deal to hold make the lipstick last long. From now on dab your lips with powder and then apply lipstick to make it last longer.

Outline Your Lips

Outlining the lips before filling them with lipstick also helps a great deal. Outlining does not let the lipstick smudge and it does not let the lipstick come out of the lip area. Applying a lip liner before wearing lipstick is a smart not only makes your lips more beautiful but also helps in making the lipstick last longer

To make your lipstick last longer do not lick your lips now and then and do not chew on your lips. Keep your lipstick in fridge to make it last long. Do not store in hot place as it will melt and will definitely smudge when you apply it to your lips.

So if you are a Lipstick lover then from now on follow these great tips each and every time you apply your lipstick and I can assure that your lipstick will definitely stay put much longer!



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  1. I think I have a sample of their lipstick somewhere. I need to go find it. I just reordered Juno and the primer yesterday along with the Le Metier foundation. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.