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Top 5 Statement Rings: What's the Big Idea?

Whether it’s fossilized walrus ivory, a tulip-carved white amethyst, or a melding of natural pearl and aquamarine, a bigger-than-Texas statement ring is key for the season. This isn’t the moment to fret about good taste or worry about subtlety (or lack thereof) – indulge yourself and invite the over-the-top to your fingertips. Monique Pean‘s Scrimshaw ring ($14,080) is a hypnotic, handcarved treasure, while Sandra Dini‘s stone pairing ($560) possesses supernatural beauty with a rough edge. You can always rely on Sevan Bicakci to deliver a unique sense of intrigue – carved amethyst takes on floral and fauna. I love Erickson Beamon for their way with crystals, and their Bette Davis Eyes ring ($395) will put all other eyes on your cocktail prize. Lanvin took a stronger approach with their cross-themed jewels this season, and this grey pearl ($785) makes for a delicious a abstraction of the symbol. Which one speaks to you? Remember, the crazier the better!

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