Top Oversized Cosmetic Pouches: It’s in the Bag!

I never travel without my arsenal of oversized cosmetic pouches! They are my saving grace when it comes to staying organized, abroad or elsewhere. I tend to bend the rules a little bit, stashing all sorts of items in them, not only cosmetics. Jumbo-sized pouches like this are great for chunky jewels (read cuffs and bangles, nothing that can get tangled), belts, and larger accessories, too. I even like having a mismatched assortment from different designers – that way I have an instant visual prompt for where to find what I need. Here, my current favorites for lipsticks, lotions, and beyond:

1. Hermès Fourbi Drawstring Bag: Can you ever go wrong with Hermes? The answer to that would be a resounding no, and this coolly crisp pouch is no exception. It’s classic, ambiguous, and the the bonus of outer pockets means supreme organization.
At Hermès for $620.

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Packables Oversized Cosmetic Pouch: When it’s a pouch and not a purse, you can be as goofy as you want. The humorous disenchantment of Miss Marc’s expression, despite her balloon, makes me smile every time I reach for it.
On Shopbop for $62.

3. Diane von Furstenberg Vintage Collection Large Cosmetic Box: Diane’s faux Saffiano leather case (bags like these needn’t be real to function) has the romance of a vintage box and the allure of one of her trademark prints, the graphic chain-link.
On Shopbop for $95.

4. Jonathan Adler Jute Scooter Pouch: I’ve always wanted a pink Vespa, but my little dream remains a fantasy! Jonathan Adler’s summery jute pouch is most definitely the next best thing.
On Shopbop for $38.

3 thoughts on “Top Oversized Cosmetic Pouches: It’s in the Bag!

  1. I’m loving the Adler pouch, that little Vespa just looks too cute!

  2. i like the jonathan adler ….

  3. so unique!I like it!

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