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Valentino Studded Leather Bow Belt: It’s a Cinch

I know, I know: a belt is not a jewel by any technical definition. However, when a belt is an accessory as sweet and glistening as this, who’s to say it can’t be treated as a piece of jewelry? The bow belt has nothing to do with function; it’s ornamentation, through and through (nobody’s pants are getting held up by this number!). And I think any jewel snob’s collection of baubles would be lackluster without such a cincher to pull everything together.

We know Valentino is equally famed for their pert bows and their pyramid studs. Naturally, the contrasting elements come together seamlessly for a feminine look that isn’t sickeningly girly. This metal-adorned leather is strong, even in innocent ivory. Turn up the heat on structural pencil-skirted dresses and gauzy chiffon frocks alike – a little Valentino never hurt anyone! At Bergdorf Goodman for $995.

Pair with: Don’t be afraid to contrast this glamorous accessory with a rustic ring. Chan Luu’s silver lapis lazuli stone brings a welcome new flavor. On Net-a-Porter for $160.



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