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Bag Snob in the Press

“Bag Snobs: The Ultimate Bag Experts.”-
New York Magazine
“Bag Snob recommendations are like a priest’s blessing”
LA Times
“Bag Snob can dissect a handbag’s construction with the artisto-analytic rigor of an architect.”-
New York Sun
“Top Fashion Blogs de Mode.”
-Paris Vogue

“Bag Snob infallibly predicts which new bag is the must have.”-British Vogue

“Unabashed and honest reviews of the ultimate accessory, the handbag.”
-Women’s Wear Daily
“The best website in the history of websites, like, ever!”
-The Guardian

“Bag Snob can make or break a bag, and possibly the brand behind it.”-The Guardian

“The Pioneers of the Industry.”
-Globe and Mail

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