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Analeena Kate Babas Matte Crocodile Shoulder Bag: Croc-Obsessed and Commitment-Phobic

Not like I have to tell you, but an oversized crocodile tote with a skin of oversized scales is something to behold. I have full appreciation of such a beauty, especially a tote executed with a modern vibe. It keeps the look versatile, so you can wear it whenever you’re in the mood (which ought to be often).

But here’s the but, and it’s a big one: for this price (i.e. that of a car or a down payment on a condo), I would be more likely to invest in an established brand. Not that a name necessarily means supremacy. It’s just that when it comes to skins, it’s all about the quality and construction, which this bag has…Just say you want to resell it (cuz 17 grand is a lot of money). Who is going to buy an Analeena after market for anything close to that? A snob must think of these things when investing a fortune in a bag.

There’s also the large-scale skin, a true matter of personal preference. This one has minor blemishes, reflecting skirmishes with fellow crocs; I find that to make for a special sense of character, but for many, this is a downgrade and the price should reflect it. I’m loving it but just sayin’: for something this exquisite, a lot of factors need to be considered. On Luisa Via Roma for $16,953.

Pair with: Watches are usually all about commitment, too. But after such a purchase, you deserve some carefree fun. Check the time on Balenciaga’s Montre Acier gold watch, in water-resistant mesh. At Barneys New York for $1,945.



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