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Cynthia Rowley x Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages: Ease the Pain


As much as I devote myself to beautification, inside and out, a little misstep every now and again is inevitable. Literally. The other day, I tripped over one of my tot’s toys and ended up with a boo-boo of my own. I don’t mind a little strawberry on the knee, but I just hate the look of “flesh-colored” Band-Aids. Maybe I’ve never really grown up, but after being picky with my jewels and makeup, I’m not about to stick any old thing on my skin. Even if it’s in the name of injury!

Staying true to her surfer-girl aesthetic, Cynthia Rowley has teamed up with Band-Aid to create a line of bandages that are as chic as they are conversation-worthy. The Beach Sport Kit, with seahorse, sunset, and starfish patterns, is designed for cut-prone surfboarders and even comes in a portable ikat-printed case. But I’m still partial to the Limited-Edition Dress-Up box, boasting a fun assortment of sequin, lace, chain, and runway-themed prints. Hurting myself just gained a silver lining.

Beach Sport Kit, $6.99, available on Drugstore.comicon and Limited-Edition Dress-Up Band-Aids, $5, at Cynthia Rowley.



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  1. I got the Cynthia Rowley bandaids in my last Burchbox. Funny I never really need bandaids until I got those! Suddenly I’m getting scratched or cutting myself all over the place! Good thing I have such awesome bandaids to cover up my errors.