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Disney-Pixar’s Brave: Who’s the Bravest of Them All?

Finally, a Disney movie where the princess not only has a mom, but the story is actually about her relationship with her mom. And this princess is not your typical domestic charmer who enlists the help of birds and mice to help her with chores (although she does have a horse). Instead of heroines of yesteryear, this fiery redhead is a modern-day feminist who desires more than her position allows her.

All this might be lost on a small tot, but that’s not the only thing to possibly keep Brave from earning regular-rotation spot for your average princess-loving toddler. The villain is a pretty scary bear, and there are many scenes that are dark and frightening.

On the positive side, it’s a princess movie that includes boys, too. Which is who this flick is more geared towards – all that archery, chasing, and bear-hunting appeals more to rough-and-tumble types. But the main character is a feisty girl who I’d be proud to have as my daughter (except for the part when she deceives and casts an evil spell on me, of course!).

It’s not as moving as most Pixar films. Maybe I was just expecting more, but even my girls were none too impressed. While trying to modernize the princess character, they lost some soul in trying to make her too much (an evil streak is not that charming). I do appreciate the moral of the story: mother-daughter relationships are complicated and communication may not always be effective, but in the end…well, it has a Disney ending.



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