Dorissiderm Non-Scalpel Face Lift Firm & Lift Serum: No Nip/Tuck Necessary

I always scoffed at the prospect of facelifts and plastic surgery. Images of ladies strolling around Beverly Hills with faces pulled back to tightly always came to mind! But that’s not to say I’m going to take aging lying down. I am going to fight aging as best I can without going under the scalpel!

Dr. Kendrick, my trusted anti-aging expert, has a new product in his popular Dorissiderm line – which means I have a new weapon in my arsenal against sagging skin and wrinkles. The Non-Scalpel Face Lift Firm & Lift serum sounds like it was made for me. And with one application, you’ll think it was made for you, too. Skin literally feels tighter within five minutes of application. The firming feeling lasts, and when you add the Molecular Hydrator Repair moisturizer, skin is kept dewy and moist. That knife won’t be going anywhere near me anytime soon! Available at Dorissiderm.

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