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Gund My First Purse Playset: It’s a Girl Thing

Not to support the whole “boys love sports and tossing balls around and girls love purses and makeup” thing (a little old-fashioned, are we, Gund?), but I’m kind of obsessing over the girly counterpart to the My First Sports Bag kit. Come on, bags are my passion. How could I not be taken with this sweet, fuzzy introduction for little girls?

The My First Purse playset doesn’t just make your innately feminine tot feel all grown up because she gets to carry a bag of her very own (thank god it’s only $18…if only Bottegas and Valextras could be nabbed at such a bargain), she also gets all the accoutrements. Which might prove dangerous. Before you know it, she’ll be begging for a real cell phone, powder compact, and change purse. The change purse will have to do for the time being! At Saks Fifth Avenue for $18.



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