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Gund My First Sports Bag Set: Boys Will Be Boys

I recently bought a really hideous dinosaur bag as a gift for a little boy and even though I knew he would love it (and yes, that’s the point of a gift), I hated giving something that ugly to someone. The problem is, boys’ stuff just isn’t generally sweet and adorable, at least compared to little girls’ gear. But this sports bag comes pretty darn close!

Gund’s “My First Sports Bag” is 100% boy, without taking it to a level of masculinity that detracts from the outright cuteness. This bag, chock-full of “equipment” might be athletic, but in reality, it’s all soft, cuddly fuzziness! The fluffy stuffed bag comes with smiley balls and enough room to pack more toys to take to Grandma’s. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $25.

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