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Hampton Sun Continuous Mists

I’m in Vegas at the moment and though it’s “only” 106 degrees – i.e. less than the 110 degrees I’ve been practicing hot yoga in – it’s still quite dangerous for someone as pale as I am to be laying out in the sun. Sadly, given how pale I am, I love the heat, especially the dry heat so it’s hard for me to say no to at least a little bit of pool-side lounging. Before I left for my trip I was given a few samples of the latest Hampton Sun products along with their classic SPF so I took those along for my trip.

Their Continuous Mist Sunscreen ($32) is offered in SPF 15, 35, or 55. Most dermatologist I’ve spoken with say 30/35 is just fine for me as long as I make sure to re-apply it regularly and as many of you might know the FDA is beginning to limited SPF to a maximum of 50 so I’ve been lathering myself in SPF 35 a good – no joke – five to seven times every day. The non-aerosol
dispenser makes it easy to hit even hard-to-reach areas like your back and the formula isn’t heavy or chalky so even if you’re crazy scared of burning like I am and re-apply incessantly you won’t feel like you’re clogging your pores (or worse, end up breaking-out). The mist also has Vitamins A and E and aloe vera for hydration. Needless to say, knock on wood, so far my skin is soft, break-out and sunburn-free!

If however you’re like 90% of the folks I’ve seen here in Vegas you will at some point get a sunburn, which is why Hampton Sun came out with a Continuous Mist Hydrating Aloe ($28). It will work great to sooth burns, but it’s also refreshing to spray on yourself to cool down and hydrate. Vegas has made my skin more dry-prone than it was in NYC so this has been a great moisturizing alternative to the Evian spray I usually use because it’s made with aloe vera, Vitamin E, glycerin, and menthol, all of which make the formula hydrating despite being oil-free.


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