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Jacqueline Cullen Whitby Jet Cuff Bracelet: Jewelista Delivers the Woods

I love a great piece of wooden jewelry, and timber doesn’t get much more tantalizing than a bangle made from prehistoric fossilized jet wood, only found in the coastal town of Whitby, England. The unique material has been smoothed to perfection for a high-gloss, light-catching finish, and to add to the sense of exoticism, black crystals are strategically placed to glisten where the wood is naturally chipped. The melding makes for an organic feel that simultaneously gives the fossil authenticity and glamour.

Jacqueline Cullen’s chunky bracelet slides on with a hidden hinge, so there’s no break in the layers, and it’s finished with a slight (and unnoticeable) elastic band, so it fits comfortably. Such an easy and elemental piece wears with everything, adding drama with little effort required. On Jewelista for $1,595.

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