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Jade Jewels: It’s Good to Be Jaded

At least when it comes to mesmerizing accessories. Jade has been treasured in China for the past 7,000 years, and the gemstone is still revered for its comforting powers. Said to bring the women who wear it protection and good luck, I have always had a special love for jade. Maybe because the first piece of jewelry a Chinese girl receives is usually a jade bangle to be worn daily and never removed.

My grandmother gave me a pair of jade bangles when I turned five. I remember feeling like a grown up for the first time! Now I have graduated past the duo of bracelets and appreciate all forms of jade adornments, from chunky cocktail rings to classic carvings. Here are a few choice pieces to offer you protection through the summer and beyond, all available at Ross Simons:

Carved Green Jade Earrings in 14-Karat Yellow Gold, $108.75 (retailing for $395).

Green Jade Y-Style Necklace in Sterling Silver, $232.50 (from $310).

Green Jade Slip-On Bangle Bracelet, $135 (from $180).

Jade Beaded Bracelet In 14-Karat Yellow Gold, $75 (from $100).

Jade Ring In 14-Karat Yellow Gold, $393.75 (from $525).




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