JewelMint Launches Boutique Bags: In Mint Condition

The frugally fab, cult-hit site, JewelMint, co-founded by the always-on Kate Bosworth and her stylist, Cher Coulter, have just added bag designers to their expanding resumes. Check out Boutique: a 13-piece collection that not only includes quirky belts, but an edited array of jewelry-inspired bags.
With prices ranging from just $60-$90, it doesn’t get much better in the way of cheap-chic shopping. And the designs are totally snob-sanctioned! The Neon clutch, color-blocked in citrus-y hues (or black-and-yellow for a more muted effect), is sure to get tons of wear this summer. But I’m all about the Metal Envelope bag. Kate herself rocked the oxidized gold variation back in January, and now I can’t wait to work theses handmade brass clutches into my summer wardrobe. Frugal snobs are so having a moment right now!

See JewelMint for more info.

3 thoughts on “JewelMint Launches Boutique Bags: In Mint Condition

  1. Me to i love itttttt

  2. really great idea and site! love it!

  3. Love this design!! Fancy little clutch but just checked could not find it maybe sold out. );

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