Madewell carrybag: Summer Concert Anyone?


I know I could be considered borderline lazy for absolutely hating to carry bags on my arms these days, but once you go crossbody, it’s hard to go back! This carrybag by Madewell is just as cute as can be. It comes in a soft yellow or punchy red (two of my favorite colors for summer- it reminds me of cherry lemonade) and are compact yet functional. This bag has an extra-long strap for your comfort and is large enough to fit the summer concert essentials: cell, lip gloss, gum and junior mints. This would look perfect with most summer outfits from a bikini by Charlie Jade to a bodysuit by Only Hearts. Personally, I would pair it with a fabulous summer dress by Free People to wear to a summer fling under the sun.

This is a go-to stuff it all in little sling that will be your perfect pair for fun in the sun all season long. What could make this bag any better? Oh, it’s only $75. High fives all around frugal snobs. Pick it up at Madewellicon today!

4 thoughts on “Madewell carrybag: Summer Concert Anyone?

  1. Beautiful dress!!!
    I’m posting looks from Los Angeles, windows of Beverly Hills and the Hollywood farmers market… take a look:

  2. The colour is so, so, so pretty, and those shoes are so cute!

  3. the bags are cute and nice.

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