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Marc by Marc Jacobs Intergalocktic Laptop and iPad Bags: Hi, Tech!

Is it just me and my addictive personality (hello…a bag-and-shoe collection for miles!), or does it feel like we’re getting even more technology-dependent with each passing day? If I’m not toting my MacBook around everywhere I go, I absolutely have to have my iPad, no question. Which means that I need an eclectic assortment of carrying cases for my all-important gadgets. Investment pieces are worth it in the end, but the summer calls for a couple frugal buys you won’t feel guilty tossing around, from the airplane to the beach and back to the office.

Enter Marc by Marc Jacobs’ perfectly color-contrasting pair of sleekly designed carrying cases, in unfussy ostrich-stamped faux leather. With a laptop bag in saturated teal-green ($360) and an iPad satchel in neutral taupe ($280), this mismatched set matches my sense of practicality – and it leaves room in my budget for far more exciting and less technology-savvy purchases. Available on Ssense.

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