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Marni Vinyl and Latex Flowers-on-Net Clutch: Flower Girl

Single ladies, forget leaping and clawing to catch the bouquet at the next summer wedding you attend. Who cares about the bride’s handful of blooms when you can bring your own? Only the most quirky-confident of ladies can get away with such a clutch – and only Marni, one of the most quirky-confident of labels, can get away executing it.

A cornucopia of vinyl and latex flowers (it doesn’t get any cheekier than blossoms made out of blatantly manmade materials!), especially when a few are dangling off with reckless abandon, isn’t made to be taken seriously. The question is: can you pull off looking like you’re in on the joke? I appreciate the sense of optimism and wit. In theory, at least. What’s your take: fit for a runaway bride or does this bouquet deserve to be left at the altar? On Luisa Via Roma for $660.



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