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Melvita’s New Nectar de Roses

I have to admit that while I consider it a bonus when a product is organic/made with mostly natural ingredients, it’s not something I actively seek out. I do however have great respect for brands, like Melvita, that were pioneers in going eco before it was the “cool” thing to do. Melvita, which is now owned by L’Occitane, was founded in 1983 by a beekeeper and biologist and has since grown to offer the largest selection in the market of ECOCERT-certified products for the face, body and hair, as well as fragrances and men’s and baby collections. They’re still relatively under-the-radar here in the States, but they’re planning on opening some boutiques so that should change very soon. I’ve been using their products on and off since they made their debut in the U.S. in 2009 and they offer great value for their price considering the integrity of the ingredients used. Their latest collection is called Nectar de Roses and it’s, as you might have guessed, rose scented and formulated with the flower’s active ingredients.

Included in the line-up are a variety of cleansing and facial care products: Fresh Cleansing Milk ($22), Fresh Micellar Water ($22), Moisture-Replenishing Facial Gel ($37), Moisturizing Rose Nectar ($42), and Moisture-Replenishing Night Nectar. As of now I’ve just tried the Micellar water, which is lightly rose scented and works to tone and remove makeup. The fragrance is really nice though it totally makes me crave a slice of La Grenouille’s rose cake and some drinkable rose water (Norma Kamali sells a great one in her 56th Street store!). I’ve been using it on my eyes and so far so good – it’s not dehydrating and it works even on otherwise stubborn mascara. Check-out the whole collection here!


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