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Miu Miu Embellished Crab and Starfish Sandals: Tropic of Cancer

Arielle and company would be proud. With an omnipresent under-the-sea theme still going full steam ahead for summer, it looks like designers would like to be part of the little mermaid’s world. So far, we’ve seen enough seashell-inspired accessories to fill the Caribbean, not to mention anchors galore (courtesy of YSL). But, unsurprisingly, the crab hasn’t gotten quite as much attention.

Leave it to Miu Miu – always quirky, typically tongue-in-cheek – to turn the Cancer’s symbol into a super-appealing flat sandal! Abstracted into a strappy shape to cascade around your foot, this crustacean has been gilded with metallic leather and decked in glitter and crystals. Lucky creature! If you would still rather limit your King crab legs to your plate, opt for the more classic Starfish sandal, similarly sparkly and slightly less outlandish.

Crab Sandal, $850, and Starfish Sandal, $750, available at Barneys New York.



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