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Palatium Roman Bath Oil: Do As the Romans Do

Bath-lovers rejoice: this is the most luxurious oil ever. With the same ingredients ancient Romans lathered themselves in, it’s made from Tuscan olive oil infused with an artisanal fragrance. Palatium’s Roman bath oil smells like heaven and makes you feel like you’re in heaven while having a soak.

As you know, I love oils and I love baths. Naturally, I’ve amassed a collection of bath oils and a big part of the indulgence is selecting the oil that perfectly suits my mood. Most don’t do more than just make the bathroom smell nice, which is sometimes good enough for me. But I still pour in a bucket’s worth to see if it really does have any of the moisturizing benefits it claims.

As is my general practice, I dumped a ton of Palatium oil in my tub and to my surprise, it’s super-effective. I was as slick as a seal and loving it (next time I think I’ll use less!). My senses were whisked to a world of calm and relaxation; the scent is soft but potent enough to envelope half of my house for hours after. My bathroom is attached to my bedroom, so I dozed off in a cloud of ocean breeze (I used the Sea scent, salty ocean air with a floral undertone that clears the mind).

Afterwards, my body was glistening with moisture and by the next morning, it still shimmered with a natural glow – skin so supple it looks like I was bathed in pure oil (my fantasy is to one day submerge in a tub of pure hot oil, like a deep fryer!). When in Rome…or anywhere, this is a lovely gift for those who love to indulge. Available in Sweet Orange, Spiced Fig, and Sea for $65 each at The Palatium.



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