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Seedling Kaleidoscope Kit: Unleash the Magic

Most everyone has been awed by the magic and mystery of a kaleidoscope. Every time I have ever looked at one, I’ve wondered, “How did they make that?!” Well, now our tots can be the mystery-maker! The Seedling kaleidoscope kit from New Zealand comes with everything you need to make your very own optical prism: plastic mirrors, rhinestones and beads, foil confetti pieces, cardboard tubes, glue, and adhesive paper.

Imagination and creativity are unleashed as your tot designs their very own kaleidoscope. What better than a science toy and a craft kit all in one? And it’s for ages 4-10, so even if you’ve got an all-age playdate going on, you’re covered. Actually, I think the “above tens” would enjoy this, too. Who wouldn’t? At Barneys New York for $42.


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