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skinnyskinny Organic Clementine and Clove Body Scrub

Not to sounds like a PMS’ing you-know-what, but one of my pet peeves is when group fitness instructors go on and on about things that have nothing to do with the class they’re teaching – just tell me what to do especially when your class is only 45minutes! On a recent afternoon I found myself in a hot yoga class where the teacher was doing just that – yapping away about things no one needed to know about. I was tempted to leave, but with nearly 50 people in the room trying to get their “om” on I didn’t want to disturb the peace. Luckily in between over-sharing details of her personal life the instructor mentioned an eco/organic brand she was obsessed with called skinnyskinny. I made a mental note and later that evening went home to look into it. I’m always on the lookout for under-the-radar beauty finds so I was excited to try the skinnyskinny Organic Clementine and Clove Body Scrub ($30).

The scrub has a coarse, thick texture which I love for muscle relief. It feels great on skin though it would feel even better if I had someone else applying it for me (sigh!)… I do have to add two notes of caution however. First, I didn’t get much of a fruity smell, but the clove scent is very strong so only opt for scents you truly love if you’re considering buying something. The scent was so strong in fact that even after applying body wash I could still smell the clove. Also there’s a lot of oil, which can make your shower slippery, so be careful!

All of the brand’s products (with the exception of the lip balms because they have organic beeswax), are vegan and packaged in recycles, reclaimed and sustainable materials and almost every product is made in the company’s Brooklyn workshop.


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  1. I have their Coffee Scrub. It makes an enormous mess in the shower but it’s a delightful jolt in the morning!