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Soleil Organique Environmental Defense Anti-Aging Primer: The Sun’s Got Nothing On You Now

I am obsessed with the Soleil Organique line, especially now that is summer and my outdoor activities are reaching an all-year high. Plain, old sunscreen is just not enough anymore.

This fabulous serum primes your skin for the sunblock you apply on top, so you get maximum protection and nourishment. Any environmental toxins that would otherwise get absorbed in your skin are shielded away – this is like insurance for your sunscreen. It’s packed with Red Algae, vitamins, and Bisabolol, a natural SPF booster, and it also has collagen-enhancing properties. So not only does it keep you young by shielding against sun damage, it actively builds collagen so it also helps reverse wrinkles, even if you’re totally out of the sun. A must for the entire summer. Particularly with all the peels I’m doing, I’d be crazy to just let my skin go without this extra insurance policy. At Soleil Organique for $145.



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