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Staying Hydrated: Tips from Beauty Expert Renee Rouleau

Beauty Expert Renee Rouleau on the importance of staying hydrated:

Does Drinking Water Really Help to Hydrate the Skin?

You’ve heard through the years from many skin and health experts how much drinking water helps your skin to stay hydrated. But did you know that research has actually shown that drinking water is actually the least efficient way to hydrate the skin? Yet this belief still continues. As a celebrity esthetician and skin care expert with 25 years of hands-on experience, I have had so many clients that I will comment on how dry or dehydrated their skin looks, and they’ll always come back with “But I drink so much water.”

Hydration levels in the skin have very little to do with drinking water internally, but rather how you treat your skin on the surface. For example, if you’re using harsh bar soaps and detergent-based cleansers to wash your face that leave it feeling tight and dry, they will have a much bigger impact on the lack of hydration in the skin than drinking water ever will. (All Renée Rouleau gel cleansers are non-drying and sulfate free.)

Does drinking water help the skin at all?

Yes. There is one very noticeable difference in the skin where I know IT IS directly related to drinking water, and this is under eye puffiness. Both eating high sodium foods (particularly at night) and not drinking an adequate amount of water will definitely cause you to retain excess fluids around the eyes and experience more than normal under eye puffiness.  I know firsthand that when I have not been drinking enough water during the day, the following morning I will always be puffier under my eyes than normal. Add in an excessively high sodium dinner, and no matter how much water I drink, I will always be puffy. Like clockwork.

Keep in mind that if you have genetic bags (loss of tone under the eyes) and chronic puffiness that is always there, drinking water may not have an effect in reducing this. I am specifically referring to puffiness that is not normally there – this is where drinking water can have a positive impact.

Bottom line: Drinking water is very important for keeping the body hydrated, but from a skin standpoint, it can make far more of an improvement for unnecessary puffiness than it will to keep your skin hydrated.

Do you use an eye cream? If not, you should. I love using Synergy Eye Cream which is loaded with potent anti-aging ingredients to keep the eye area moist and smooth.

Take a look at Renee’s website for more tips and products.
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  1. Informative post.I used to drink water less and I realized it kept my skin dry and disease prone. But I learned its benefits and I tried on practicing “water therapy” it helped .
    I agree with this, because drinking more water helps a lot in our system its a simple way to detoxify.

  2. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for giving clarification on under eye puffiness. Some days I really notice puffiness and other days I wake up looking great. I am not much of a water drinker and tend to use a lot of salt. I will give your suggestions a try and pay a attention to the results. It would be nice if it is that simple… good excuse to cut down on my salt intake as well! Thanks again.
    Dale 🙂

  3. i have to disagree with water not hydrating your skin. i drink mineral water all the time i don’t leave the house without my pump bottle i have done so for years have great skin. but i will say things go together you do have to cleanse and moisturise twice a day 7 days a week without fail. i have been doing this since my 20’s and the two go together. one of the problems i think is too much makeup and not removing your makeup, makeup clogs your pores. a few makeup free days helps your skin. i don’t really wear makeup only mascara lip gloss i do have foundations but i always use mineral if i wear it which is hardly ever. i do find it surprising how much money women will spend on makeup and hey thats fine we all have our vices but they won’t spend the money on face care products. just saying keep drinking your water!