The New Doctor Bags: What’s Up, Doc?

Feign amnesia when it comes to your old vision of the hard and stern doctor bag. The new generation is sleek and modern, not of the old-fashioned variety carried by grumpy, old men making house calls to Scarlett O’Hara every time she fainted. The greatest latest are made for stiletto-wearing women who can attend to patients and look fabulous doing it.

For Fall 2012, Marni is all about good wardrobe health. The staple bag of their latest collection is a geometric doctor bag with a super-curvy handle and optional shoulder strap (so it looks relaxed, not strictly business). In an array of black or red suede, ivory leather, and checkered wool, to name a few, you don’t need a medical degree to know this will be one of the top bags of the season. For now, remedy your craving with Jil Sander’s innovative, ladylike blend of high-sheen leather and pale-pink details or Chloé’s slouchy, sporty two-tone take. Snobs, it’s time to take your medicine!

Jil Sander Medium Sporty Madame Matte Leather Bag
On Luisa via Roma for $1,724.

Chloé Shiny & Treated Leather Alice Top-Handle
On Luisa via Roma for $1,818.

One thought on “The New Doctor Bags: What’s Up, Doc?

  1. Sandra Rowley on said:

    Tell me, who else just adores that Chloe bag??? I have my name on a list for a Celine bag, but this Chloe bag is so great!

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