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Update on Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial: Better, But Not Brighter

The label promises a “brighter, more even-toned, and exceptionally radiant” complexion after 14 days of use, but I decided to wait a full month before updating you on the status of this Sleeping Facial. The reason: I just wasn’t so sure I had seen any results, but I wanted to be fair to Korres. Plus, I really like putting it on every night!

After just over a whole 30 days, I’m sorry to say I don’t exactly see brighter skin. But it does seem noticeably softer than it was a month ago. And it does look more even when I apply makeup (though that can be attributed to primer). Coating your face in this sweetly scented, super-creamy concoction before bedtime feels really good, and by morning, there is a sense of dewiness I don’t naturally have . But brighter? Nope. And “advanced brightening” is the title. The verdict? I’ll keep using this nighttime cream/mask because it’s enjoyable, soothing, and it moisturizes in a way other creams don’t. I may not be brighter, but I’ll take some dewiness any day! Still available at Sephora for $48



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  1. Want brighter skin? make your own vitamin C serum. My skin hasn’t been brighter and softer since i started doing so. I got L-ascorbic crystals from whole foods, vegetable glycerin and distilled water. Costs me $5 to make a serum bottle that has no preservatives or additives and I no longer need to spend $150 for a store bought vit c serum.

    1. very good idea for a serum… is it possible to tell the qunatities of vitamin-c, glycerin and water? i’m already using rose hip oil for night treatment and i want to try thiw one too! thanks anyway