Zilla Laminated Cotton Clutches: Staring at the Sun

There’s high-shine and there’s scary-shine. I probably don’t need to tell you these crinkly, color-changing blasts of high-temp sheen fall into the latter category. These bags look like something that should fly out of a rundown Vegas slot machine when you’ve hit the jackpot! I do see the Jem and the Holograms-esque appeal – and a girl with the right styling skills could make it work. But should you have to work so hard?

Not only that, whether you pick glowing yellow-red, sunshine-meets-seafoam, or icy-glacier blue, you’re going to need a dark pair of sunnies to even try to retrieve your phone or lip gloss. Actually, I can’t take my eyes off them (even though it burns just a little). While I’m having trouble looking away, it’s not for the right reasons. I say avert and move on to the next zany clutch – what do you think? On Luisa Via Roma for $303.

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