Anita Ko Resort 2013 Collection on Moda Operandi: Pool Shark

Givenchy may have put the shark tooth on our radar with the badass oversized pendants and deep-diving skins of their Spring 2012 collection, but Anita Ko has made them something really special. As in, one-of-a-kind, thousands-of-dollars special – and worth every penny.

On Moda Operandi just until July 6th, Anita’s Resort 2013 collection is available to jewel snobs who adore a seamless blend of edge and refinement. Each piece is totally unique, adorning a genuine shark tooth (in blue slate, creamy white, or jet-black, to name a few) with frames or clamps of white pavé diamonds. I just can’t decide which tooth is more striking: dangling from an 18-karat chain or making for a gorgeously aggressive cocktail ring. Pieces range from $12,000-$20,000.

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