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Bottega Veneta Veneta Open Tote: Practical Magic


With the name “Veneta,” the brand is clearly announcing this is a quintessential piece for the quintessential Bottega devotee. As well as for the lover of ease and simple beauty. Conflicting forces come together with surprisingly natural results: this tote is new yet classic, fire-red yet neutral, and slim yet expanding.

Always-timeless Bottega has a spellbinding way creating pieces fit for your modern lifestyle. This high-functioning tote fully opens up into a square so you can enjoy a full view and complete access inside. The most gorgeous and perfect shade of red – not too deep, pink, or orange – gives the impact you want and the versatility you need (red is a bold primary color, so it has a way of going with just about every shade). All the elements come together in this woven success to give you the best of everything, so you don’t need to decide between fashion or function. At Neiman Marcusicon for $2,650.

Pair with: Raise the stakes with another piece of functional fashion: Thakoon’s fine-knit wool dress, in heather gray and a swingy, comfortable cut. On Net-a-Porter for $590.



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  1. This bag is even more beautiful in real life–I have one and it’s a perfect red in BV’s timeless style. Very lightweight too!