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Chanel Glossimer Vs. Maybelline ColorSensational: The Greater Gloss

You should know by now that I carry no less than half a dozen lip glosses with me at all times. Many girlfriends who go out with me don’t even bother carrying a makeup bag anymore, as they know I’ll have everything they need on hand to get through the night. One of my biggest vices: Chanel Glossimer Lip Gloss ($29.50) (I have many shades and actually use each to the bottom before replenishing – now that’s a dedicated addict!). I’m also a drugstore makeup addict. (Hell, from 99-cent Wet-n-Wild lip liner to $50 Tom Ford lipsticks, I buy it all!).

I recently noticed Maybelline‘s ColorSensational ($6.49) offers a similar gloss to Chanel’s Glossimer, so I decided to compare the two: Chanel Rose Sand versus Maybelline Hooked On Pink (#65). Both, indeed, gave a pretty, frosty shine. Chanel tasted better and lasted longer, but it’s also heavier and cakier, while Maybelline needed to be re-applied more often. All in all, Maybelline is a good substitute for under $7, but it’s not CHANEL!

What can I say? I drank the Chanel Kool-Aid in college and have never looked back, even though I’ve heard they make their lip gloss in New Jersey in the same plants as Maybelline. (God willing, this might be an urban legend. I refuse to believe until I see it with my own eyes…Project!).Either way my lip gloss is important to me and well it should be. The average woman ingests up to 4 pounds of gloss in her life time. Blame the last hard-to-shed 5 pounds on your nasty lip-gloss habit!



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  1. I am also a lipgloss, lipstick addict and if I like the look of something I will buy it, whether it is 99 cents or $45.00, which is the price of a Chanel lipgloss in Australia. Several years ago I bought a Rimmel foundation and it was one of the best I have ever used.

    I would love to add up all the money I have spent on make-up and skin-care products over the years! I don’t even want to think how much money it could come to!!!

    I adore make-up and have I do adore Chanel. I will check out the Maybelline Lipgloss.

  2. I adore make-up and I adore Chanel, I don’t know where the “have” came from, typing so fast!!!

  3. Buy your gloss at the duty free shops because Chanel products sold in the USA are made in USA and outside the USA they are made in FRANCE and trust me they are way more pigmented and they last more on your face.

  4. Not a myth I live in Jersey right next to the Chanel/Loreal owned plant lol, My friend works there …employees get awesome perks of course!!