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Clark’s Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash

Any skincare product that says “face and body” I will automatically just use on my body so I can’t vouch for what Clark’s Botanicals Skin Clearing Face & Body Wash ($46), would feel like on your face, but as a body wash I love it! I’m super acne prone on my upper back because of all the hot yoga I’ve been doing so I need a gentle, exfoliating cleanser with salicylic acid. This one smells delicious because it’s packed with jasmine absolute extract (naturally rich in phytochemicals, which fight bacteria and inflammation),  it’s algae-enriched to soften skin, and it has soft exfoliating particles to exfoliate. Better yet the formulation works triple duty by also helping to reduce the size of pores and fight the signs of aging (more an issue on your face than your body, but fighting those things anywhere is never a bad thing!). Definitely a worthy buy if you have problematic skin – in fact it trumps my usual acne body wash go-to from Murad.


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