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Eve Lom Cleanser: Clean Beauty Is Skin-Deep

I got a sample of the Eve Lom cleanser when I bought their rescue mask just a couple weeks ago. It now looks like I’m a new Eve-Lom convert. This cleanser is amazing. Even though it has a weird smell (seems like all her products do; this one has a medicinal, grassy, earthy scent), who cares?! It works, so I can deal with the smell…which isn’t necessarily bad, just not pleasant. With a blend of four aromatherapy oils, this thick yellow-ish pasty-gel consistency melts into a foam but doesn’t lather like soap. It takes away grime, dirt, oil, and all makeup, and leaves the skin soft, clean and moist.

There’s no time like the summer to get started on an extra-potent cleanser. Summertime makes your skin especially grimy with the extra layer of sunblock, and sweat clogging the pores and making the city dirt stick to your skin. Eve Lom’s cleanser comes with a wonderful muslin cloth (even the sample came with one!) which removes everything thoroughly, and also works as its own exfoliant. I love this cleanser so much, I’m going back for the full size, and I am pretty sure I will be refilling it by summer’s end. At Barneys New York for $80.



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  1. I liked the very generous sample of this stuff that they give you at Spake NK, but I felt that with the main ingredient of Paraffinum or Mineral Oil, a Petroleum Derivative, and the high price, I would rather not continue with it. I found Molton Brown Rose Wax Cleanser and indeed other cleansers work as well if you use the same technique. That nice muslin cloth does the trick!