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Fendi 2Jour Medium Tote: Tomorrow’s Tote Du Jour


This is the best Fendi bag ever…Okay, in a very, very long time. Forget about the stupid Peek-a-Boo; them trying to make it custom-order only, like it’s a freaking Birkin. Nobody cares. But this I do care about. It’s a much more relaxed shape than the Peek-a-Boo, and finished with highly dimensional seams, it’s a much better design by a long shot.

I love the cobalt-on-navy, but the green has a cool retro vibe that I am digging. Technically, it’s got two hues, but I wouldn’t call this color-blocking since it’s tonal. The usage of different leather brings depth and texture to this deliciously simple shape. The clean hardware on the top with the subtle logo is uber chic. And surprisingly, I like the off center luggage tag. It’s perfect punctuation for a bag that says it all with sophisticated subtlety.

Available for pre-order at Neiman Marcusicon for $2,260 (expect delivery by August 6th).



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  1. While I agree with you that the Peek-a-boo being custom-order only is completely absurd, I must say I beg to differ as far as the 2Jour being “the best Fendi bag ever, okay, in a very, very long time”. The past few years we’ve seen the Chameleon and Silvana become hits, maybe not It-status, but you can’t deny that Fendi has been coming out with some lovely designs as of late.

  2. Handsome bag! I need to actually feel the “hand”of the bag because I don’t need another heavy handbag to sport around. It has a fresh look and I like the zipper and compartmental design. It is certainly one of Fendi’s more practical and friendlier bags. I give it the nod…….