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Frugal Friday: Adia Kibur’s Retro Revival

These outrageously frugal earrings suddenly have me feeling very Marlo Thomas in That Girl. Or maybe the mood is more Edie Sedgwick in her Warhol-run Factory heyday. Either way, Adia Kibur’s big, enamel drop earrings make a statement, and it’s one that’s decisively, delightfully retro.

Gold-plated danglers for 20 bucks? How can it be?! But don’t expect me to question a good thing; I’m just going to snap them up like I stole them! Because at this price, that’s exactly what they are: a vintage-priced steal that will bring a dual pop of color to all your mod, summer shifts and itty-bitty minis. On ShopBop for $21.

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