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Frugal Snob: Skinnygirl Body Solutions Smooth And Firming Body Wash

I love Bethenny Frankel, but I do have a little beef with her. She’s always claiming to be “looking out for her fans,” and I believed that to be sincere, which is why I’m disappointed to see that she’s launched some pretty shady products. Among the latest ones she’s stamped her Skinnygirl logo on are Skinnygirl On-the-go Bars, which she says are for “…busy individuals in need of a quick and healthy bite to eat.” Not only do the bars have more calories than comparable ones I get at my local health food store, there are four different kinds of sugar in them (for a total of 13 grams per bar), a high level of saturated fat (the “bad” fat), not all that much protein, and less fiber than most health food store nutrition bars! Thankfully when it comes to beauty, Frankel got it right.

The Skinnygirl bath and body products are stellar given their price points. In fact, not only do they work well, but they don’t smell cheap!  The latest product from the line that I’ve tried is Skinnygirl Body Solutions Smooth And Firming Body Wash ($9.97). I can’t say that I feel like it has firmed-up anything (I’ll rely on the gym for that…), but it smells great (light and refreshing…I can’t pinpoint what the scent is, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the cranberry in the formulation). It’s moisturizing and spreads easily. The one downside is that it’s relatively light and you can tell that water is the main ingredient so be prepared to go through the tube rather quickly.


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