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Giorgio Armani Medium Shopping Suede & Leather Tote: Inspired, Not Imitated

Ahhh, what a simply chic Armani bag! Clean lines are what Mr. Armani is known for and this is as clean as it gets, snobs. Kelly spotted the green-and-navy version (which is actually my favorite – it appeals to the ‘80s preppy in me) a few weeks ago, and naturally noticed the striking resemblance to the Céline Trapeze. Here’s what I think: the more I look at it, the less I see the similarity. Besides, the Céline Luggage was inspired by the Birkin, so ultimately, everyone does it!

Armani’s shopper is bereft of any obtrusive hardware (save for the subtle handle tabs and the very useful magnetic closure on the inside of the tote), making it lightweight and endlessly useful. I saw the tote in Milan, and it’s big enough to toss both iPhone and MacBook. I love the contrast of rich hued suede with smooth calfskin panels (whether it’s tone-on-tone in sumptuous orange or richly color-blocked), and at $1,680, it feels like a major bargain. On Luisa Via Roma for $1,680.

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