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Jack Black Turbo Wash Energizing Hair & Body Cleanser: The King of Cleansers


I just got over the worst virus ever; I was quarantined for three days because it was so strong and dangerous to kids. So after marinating in my own germs for a week, I felt like what I needed was a bleach bath, but, of course, that would actually kind of kill me. Luckily, I found the next best thing! This Jack Black Turbo Wash is a body-detoxifying cleanser and it boosts the immune system, too. Wow, just what I needed!!!

With eucalyptus, it cleanses bacteria from the skin, and the healing botanicals and vitamins help clear the nasal passages, so you can breath easier. You can even use it on your hair. Rosemary also warms the body to relieve muscle-aches; arnica minimizes pain and swelling; juniper berry detoxifies and helps you flush out lactic acid, so it’s perfect for post-workout cleansing. And organic green tea is a great antioxidant that also helps with anti-inflammation. This is a super-product. If I had had this stuff while I was sick, I would have probably gotten over it faster, or at least felt better in the meantime. At Neiman Marcusicon for $50.



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