Kat Graham Wears Gio Diev: Diev’s Latest Diva

I have no idea who Kat Graham is, but I can’t get enough of Gio Diev shoes! (As it turns out, she’s on The Vampire Diaries.) First, Mena Suvari returned to style relevancy with the Odessa pump, now the Nikko brings this newcomer into the spotlight as she attended the 2012 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, in a Mara Hoffman dress and Topshop jewels.

The silver blade heel is badass to the core. But on a classic kidskin-pump silhouette, it doesn’t read too hard. Better yet, the blade lends an air of streetwise edge to an elegant blue shoe. A flash of violet snakeskin takes it over the edge – I’m swooning. Inquire at Gio Diev for purchase.

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