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Kate Hudson to die for Tie-Dye Jumpsuit: Just add a little gold

Kate Hudson is one of my fav’s. She has this unique ability to look effortless, sexy and relaxed while still being pulled together and neat. This outfit is fantastic. Tie-dye screams summer and just makes me happy. With the bikini showing just a touch in the center, this look is beach-chic and just fun. I would just add a bit more gold to the mix with some Musa metallic sandals to fancy up the footwear just a bit. Other than that- Kate, as usual, is cooler than us. I mean that hat? Those shades? If I tried to pull that off I’d end up looking like a crazy bag lady who got caught in someone’s beach towel. Not Kate thought. Cool as a cucumber in the summer heat.

Pick up the sandals at Net-a-Porter for $230.


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