Kimberly McDonald Eternity Band: Forever Your Girl

Diamonds are forever, and diamonds designed with unique personality in mind are even more enduring, in my opinion. Nothing says, “I love you forever” with more fervor than an eternity band, so shouldn’t the one you wear be as special and uncommon as your love?

That’s why I am passionate about nature-inspired Kimberly McDonald‘s band of rose-cut diamonds in varying shapes, from the classic cushion to the abstracted emerald to the all-out abstract. Each one is more remarkable than the next, and they are jaggedly positioned with energetic intensity. The result is ultimate intrigue, an eternity band like no other. Infinity just got a whole lot more appealing! Come to think of it, I have a birthday coming up in August; this will do nicely. Inquire with Kimberly McDonald for purchase.

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