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LCN Summer 2012 Colour Me Up Collection

LCN is the third largest manufacturer of cosmetic nail products worldwide…um what!? And They’re German?? As a German nail polish-loving gal how have I never heard of them?? My first experience with the brand came via their Summer 2012 Colour Me Up Collection ($29 for the set or $7.50 each) and it’s total love. Not only is the packaging obviously stellar, but the colors are just up my alley. Traditional enough that I can comfortably wear them no matter where my day takes me (even the green, which has a slightly yellow tint), but vibrant enough that they stand out. The collection consists of four color-saturated shades: Colour Me Up, Some Like It Hot, Spice Up Your Life, and Fanappleistic.

The first shade I tried out was Some Like It Hot (bright pinkish-red), which I then switched four days later to Spice Up Your Life (bright orange). Both lasted four days before chipping at the edges (the hold for me was better than essie, but not as good as OPI).

On a side note, I just spotted this polish remover on their website and am dying to try it…apparently it smells like vanilla…stay tuned!


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