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Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Bracelets

I stopped by HSN’s showroom the other day to preview some of their holiday finds and far and away the coolest thing I spotted were Lisa Hoffman’s Fragrance Bracelets ($50.90). Absolutely love this idea. Basically they’re bead bracelets with a silvertone drop charm that you fill with scented beads. Cute idea, no? I don’t have one of these bracelets myself so I can attest to how long the scent actually lasts, but you can buy refills of the beads and they come in some nice shades. My favorite is the one above, which is made with green-tinted jade beads that comes with a scent that blends clary sage, cotton, and watery floral notes.

Could this be an alternative to spray perfumes when traveling? Maybe if they come out with a complementary necklace:)


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