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Maison Martin Margiela Arm Cuff Set: Come On Strong

Even though my upper cut leaves much to be desired, there’s no doubt I like to focus on a little upper-body strength every so often. Sometimes, it comes not in the form of punches and planks, but in a pair of cuffs! Maison Martin Margiela has a way of consistently pushing their jewels to the next minimalist level, and their arm cuffs make for a winning statement out of 3012. A statement of fierce, super-heroic, bad-ass energy. With the right tank top or strapless dress, I’ll be channeling Wonder Woman with these oh-so symmetrical, mirror-finished brass accessories. Shimmering blue might be more up your typical super-heroine’s alley, but I’m feeling the juxtaposingly organic vibe of dark forest green. Slide them on your bicep and feel the power instantly. You might not be able to fly, but you will have common folks staring. On ShopBop for $960.

Pair with: Go futuristic-modern with Helmut Lang’s Slack skirt, ruched to severely asymmetric perfection. Show a little leg, a lot of arm, and keep the rest simple. On Net-a-Porter for $195.



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