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Marni Shopping and Zip Bags: A Run For Your Marni

Ahhh, the whimsy of Marni. More accurately, the elusive whimsy of Marni. Who else can manage to make a bucket bag this appealing by merely adding a couple of languid, flowing bows? The same goes for the structured shoulder bag. It’s an adornment so simple yet so cleverly done.

With an air far less obtrusive than fringe, the addition of bow-tied ribbons grants a feminine appeal to your bag, especially when it’s as bold and confident as this punchy bucket. Even better, these bows have a purpose: they close the external pockets, perfect for easily accessing your phone and lip gloss. While the rich red (Marni describes the hue as burgundy) and shell-tan Shopping bag has loads of youthful verve, ladies will love the primmer, frame-top Zip bag. Basic black is basic no more. Sweet without being sugary, Marni’s world is one of sharp-witted enchantment. Shopping Bag, $1,125, and Zip Bag, $1,180, at Marni.



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  1. I simply feel in-love with the design the first time I saw it. I couldn’t agree more that the design is appealing through the addition of bows. What made me more excited is when I’ve learned that the bows serve another purpose for the external pockets. I’m planning to buy Marni this weekend and nothing will stop me from getting my hands into those luscious bows. Thank you for the article, the bags sure caught my attention!