Mila Kunis at the Comic-Con 2012: Laid Back Needs a Boost

I love a girl who doesn’t feel the need to throw on a ball gown for every single event she attends, which is one of the reasons I love Mila Kunis so much. Besides the fact that she’s hilarious, she has a certain edge to her that is just enticing. I love the simplistic sophistication of a blazer/jeans combo she rocked at Comic-Con 2012, but I think I’d boost the shoes just a tick to spice things up. I’d swap the simple, classy black ankle strapped pumps for some Lanvin bow-embellished nubuck pumps with a 5 inch heel and sexy satin bow. These would give her outfit an elegant twist while still keeping it cool and casual in camel leather. These can later be worn with a hot little red Hervé Léger when she feels like getting a little bit more gussied up. Pick these bowed beauties up at Net-a-Porter for $990.

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