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MyBlueBirdie: Make It Personal

Concierge services are the way of the future, and MyBlueBirdie has hit a homerun for expectant parents. This is the first all-inclusive website that is a veritable digital baby planner, covering every imaginable need of a parent-to-be. It provides advice from an expert panel that includes pediatricians, sleep experts, development specialists, and “gear gurus.”

MyBlueBirdie helps parents prioritize expenses by offering advice on a multitude of high quality, handpicked baby and toddler products. It has over 500 products from 150 different brand names, and some of these brand names are available at up to 75% off. For full price items, it guarantees comparable pricing. The website even provides a means of tracking baby’s milestones.

This all-in-one baby concierge service has done all the necessary research to help parents plan, shop, and save. And it addresses the needs of all types of parents, from single, working, savvy, luxury, stay-at-home, to eco-friendly. Parenting is stressful enough as it is – why not have your very own personal helper? MyBlueBirdie is the go-to website for all expectant parents!



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