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Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Serum: Jasmine Junkie

Spend a week in Thailand and you will become as obsessed with jasmine as I have. The Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil serum gives instant shine to all types of hair – and it lasts. And lasts! It takes dull hair to vibrant hair immediately. No more frizz or fly-always, just strong, shiny, light-reflecting locks with gleaning definition.

The best part: unlike most hair oils, jasmine is extremely lightweight and won’t leave hair greasy. I apply just a few drops prior to using my curling iron. The heat from the iron makes the oil penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. You can also use it just before blow-drying, or even on dry hair to perfect and keep your finishing touches.

I have also purchased Thai jasmine body oil, perfume spray, lotion, and shower gel. Hey, when I find something I like, I commit. Now I’m jasmine-scented from head to toe! At Sephora for $35.



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