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Pollini by Nicholas Kirkwood Calfskin and Glitter Boots: A Leg-Up or Toe-Up?

Normally, you’ll hear me say that Nicholas Kirkwood can do no wrong. But there is always an exception, and I think I’ve found it when it comes to the ridiculously versatile, multi-tasking designer, who has lately been doing collabs with Peter Pilotto, Rodarte, Prabal Gurung, and yes, Pollini. Actually, the last is more than a mere collaboration; he’s their current Creative Director. Sadly, these boots leave me wondering if Pollini is the place for Kirkwood.

It’s not that there’s anything particularly bad about them. The inspiration is seventies-disco, by way of the early ‘90s (that flared heel and boxy toe). A flash of glitter is usually a welcome addition to a simple style, but these are on the uninspired side. Slightly Lady Miss Kier (as in “Groove Is in the Heart”), but without the bright energy and true sense of funk. Glitter without the sparkle, so to speak. So what do you think, are these calfskin boots a must or bust? On Luisa Via Roma for $886.



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