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Resort 2013 Collections: A Clear Winner Versus Asian Impact

Resort ’13 is proving to be an all-out battle between the transparency-embracing minimalist and the color-loving, over-the-top accessorizer. Let’s take two examples: Fendi’s Lucite heels, more 1970s retro than sexy mama, and Sonia Rykiel’s vivaciously upbeat interpretation of geisha flavor.

Being clear doesn’t mean being invisible. Nor does the Lucite shoe mean you’re going to look like a pole-dancer (unless, of course, that’s the look you’re going for). Quite the contrary. While Fendi looked to a vintage for inspiration, offering up a practical take on cool transparency, Rykiel nailed an East-meets-West vibe with lacquered wood and cutouts and baubles to spare (she even named a color “Tina Chow Red”!).

Lucite already started to make a heady showing on the Fall 2012 runways (think Rodarte’s sand-filled heels and Chanel’s rocky d’orsay pumps), and it’s only showing signs of speeding up, but I’m kind of appreciating the rich spiciness of Sonia’s Parisian-take on geisha style. Which way will you go for Resort?



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